Ugly Fences in San Antonio: What Not to Do in Your Project

- May 22, 2014

San Antonio is one of America’s fastest-growing and most vibrant cities with a mild climate, prosperous economy, and lots more to commend it as a great place to live. That being said, it’s a sad fact of life that not all parts of this great town are equally pleasant. To help our readers do their part to beautify our area, here’s a look at some of the ugly characteristics of fences in San Antonio.Let this serve as a guide for what not to do in your fencing project.

Crooked Lines

Unless you’re going for an Old West look, you should avoid zig-zag lines when you’re building a fence. Nothing looks worse than posts than sag in all directions or panels that look like they were put in by a toddler. For a fence you can be proud of, keep your fence rows straight and neat.

Uneven Sections

A fence looks best when it’s in the right proportions; in other words, each section should look as much as possible like all the others. This means that posts, panel sections, etc. that run along the same side should be as even in length and distance apart as possible. This, of course, doesn’t apply to fences made of continuous materials like cast concrete.

Sub-Standard Materials

South Texas is famous for its year-long sunshine as well as the occasional severe thunderstorm or flash flood. When that normally mild weather does take a turn for the worst, the last thing you need is a fence that falls apart. Avoiding that problem means using strong, sturdy materials that hold up to the elements.

How to Get the Best Fence Possible Every Time

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