Five Design Ideas for Custom Decks

- June 12, 2014

Custom decks are a must-have for today’s homes. They create livable space, enhance curb appeal, and create transitional areas between the inside and the outdoors. And thanks to modern materials and building methods, they can be built in dozens of exciting and attractive ways. To get your imagination going, here are five great design ideas:

  1. Multiple levels add variety and beauty to decks.       They create individual “zones” that can be devoted to purposes like dining, cooking, playing board games, socializing, etc. They often incorporate stairs and railings that also enhance the deck’s appeal.
  2. Flooring sections placed at perpendicular angles break up the uniform layout that limits the appeal of traditional decks.       They can also be used to create unique patterns that are fascinating to look at.
  3. While most decks are square or rectangular in shape, there’s no law that says they must be so. Octagons, ovals, circles, and other patterns are possible nowadays, and any unique shape will set your deck apart as truly one-of-a-kind. Have an idea for another interesting shape? Tell us about it and we’ll do our best to create it.
  4. Have you seen custom decks made with modern composite lumber? They offer a refreshing change from the past and last much longer than other materials, retaining their pleasing color for decades. Plus, they’re more affordable than you might think.
  5. To transform your deck from ordinary to extraordinary, consider adding planting boxes or even open spaces for ornamental trees and bushes. This option creates natural shade and transforms a deck into a park-like setting.

With all the deck design options available to you, isn’t it time you considered adding one of these attractive, affordable living spaces to your home? Call us today at American Fence & Deck to get the ball rolling on your custom deck. We’ll be glad to listen to your ideas and work up a free, no-obligation estimate for you to consider. We look forward to hearing from you.