Why Deck and Patio Covers Are Crucial in Texas

- June 2, 2014

Like Florida and California, Texas is home to millions of refugees from the frozen wastelands of the North. They come here for the sunny weather and freedom from snow, sleet, below-zero temperatures, and other wintertime miseries. But for every benefit there’s a cost to be paid, and in this area, that comes during the months of June, July, and August when daytime highs can easily exceed 100 degrees. When the sun is baking down and the mercury is soaring, that’s when deck and patio covers are most appreciated.

A Little Shade Makes All the Difference

Low-humidity areas like San Antonio enjoy a major advantage over cities to the east like Atlanta. While both areas can get quite hot during the warm season, our arid climate makes for a dry heat, unlike the sauna effect that occurs in much of Dixie. This low humidity means that a nice shady spot can make a huge difference in how the outside feels during the summer. And a nice shady spot is exactly what deck and patio covers provide. Sometimes the difference can be as great at 20 to 30 degrees!

Protection from Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer, and the vast majority of cases are linked directly to exposure to solar rays. Experts agree that any kind of protection from the sun makes a huge difference in a person’s risk of contracting the illness, and the shade you get from deck and patio covers could go a long way toward keeping you out of the sun.

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