Decks and Patios

3 Reasons to Consider San Antonio Patio Covers

- October 9, 2014

In the blazing heat of a south Texas summer, San Antonio patio covers can help you and your family stay cool, while also increasing the value of your house. Here… read more

Custom Decks and Patios: Not Just for Residential Areas

- September 25, 2014

Custom decks and patios are usually associated with homes in the country or in the suburbs. However, commercial properties can often benefit from these structures, as can townhomes and condominiums.… read more

Why Deck and Patio Covers Are Crucial in Texas

- June 2, 2014

Like Florida and California, Texas is home to millions of refugees from the frozen wastelands of the North. They come here for the sunny weather and freedom from snow, sleet,… read more

4 Keys to Furnishing San Antonio Patios

- May 15, 2014

With warm weather finally upon us, San Antonio patios are seeing a lot of use as gathering places for family and friends. As useful as these outdoor spaces are, however,… read more

Material Choices for Custom Decks and Patios

- April 14, 2014

When it comes to custom decks and patios, the choice of materials is greater than ever. To help you make an informed decision about your home improvement goals, here’s a… read more